What does Cyberpunk really mean? Well, the community 
seems to be divided enough these days that everyone has 
their own definition, so I may as well throw mine up for 
anyone who cares.

	To me, modern Cyberpunk is first and foremost about privacy. 
No privacy means no freedom, and we must protect freedom, both 
digital and physical, at all costs. Sure, things aren't too bad 
right now, but if we all turn a blind eye in the name of convenience, 
what will the consequences of the future be?

	Second, Cyberpunk is about doing things yourself. It's about 
learning, absorbing knowledge, and applying that knowledge to the 
problems you face. You want to install a new OS? Read the manual 
and figure it out. You broke something? Good. You won't make that 
mistake again. Cyberpunks tinker. They want to know how things work. 
They want to know exactly what the software they run does and why it 
does it. They want to own their software, not for some company to 
give them the "privilege" to use it. And what if the software they 
want doesn't exist? They write it themselves.

	Finally, Cyberpunk is about being aware of reality. It's about 
understanding the current digital climate and knowing how to act 
against the aspects you don't agree with. It's obvious things 
aren't looking too good, and the only way to make a difference is 
to fight for what you believe in. Do everything in your power to stop 
corporations' greedy claws from closing around you. Reject the digital 
status quo, support software that respects your freedom/privacy, and 
stand firm in your beliefs.

	These are just some of the things I believe are most important to 
the modern Cyberpunk subculture. Many other people have many other views 
on the term, but these are my own.